Jonah Lake is currently on a promotion tour in New Zealand

Hope to see you there...


Have look for photos, tour info, gigs etc.

A new Jonah Lake interview with photos in the latest issue of New Zealand Surfing Magazine

New Zealand's biggest surf magazine!

The interview is called Stuck in transit

You can read it without the photos online on Pressreader by clicking HERE


New interview with Surfd

Another interview about my new album, my life as a musician and surfer. Check it out!


Have fun, make music, go surfing, feel the sun, kiss the rain, make love, get lost, go travel, feel free, love life, hang loose,
follow your dreams, don't grow up, slow down, relax, adventure, do what you love, love what you do.
" One more day in Neverland
I could stay here forever, man
Lost in the jungle without a plan
Think happy thoughts and fly like Peter Pan "
Jonah Lake
Private bookings for home/livingroom/event gigs available now
Just e-mail for more info

Hallifornia 2017

Big thanks to everyone who showed up at Hallifornia this year. It was an awesome night with good vibes.

Neverland is my latest album. A compilation of nine songs I felt like sharing with the world.
It follows the same path as my first album Free soul.
After touring for three years, I felt it was time to do some new recordings.
Recorded the same way as Free soul with the same vibes. Songs about getting lost
and feeling home.
Hope you like it.
/ Jonah Lake
Free soul
The album Free soul was made from pure stoke, surf, travels and life experiences.
It's an acoustic album recorded live with no loops or auto tuning etc.
It was made as a tribute to all people and friends who dares to live a bit different, enjoy life and do what they love.
What was meant to be a demo record turned out to be a life changing album.
I have played songs from the album at places like Portugal, New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden and Norway.
Music, lyrics, production, mixing etc: Jonah Lake ( Johan Otterdahl )

Many thanks for all the support over the years

Top 10 countries with most listeners


Thank you so much for listening and spreading the music around the globe.

Way to go Sweden nr1! As a thanks to my Swedish fans I will record a few songs in Swedish which I will release soon!

  1. Sweden
  2. Norway
  3. Germany
  4. USA
  5. UK
  6. Switzerland
  7. New Zealand
  8. Netherlands
  9. Australia
  10. France


  • Updated Spotify page
  • Some live videos will soon be on Youtube
  • New songs will be recorded this autumn
  • Got a new guitar!!! Yamaha AC1M 2017 model, LOVE IT!
  • Recording a side project with a friend we call Nowhere men. EP release 2018
  • New Zealand tour starts in December! :)
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