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  1. Free Soul

Music/lyrics: Johan Otterdahl


Awake your spirit, awake you soul
Just take it easy if you wanna let go, you better
go out in the sunshine walk between the rain
ride the lightning, bring out your fire again
and become a free soul

Stay true to your mission, young in your mind
create you future, don't think about time, you need a
passion to live longer and roots to grow
Songs to make you happy if your day is to slow
then become a free soul

In everything you do
It's all about love
A thousand suns in you eyes
It's all about love

Forget the troubles open your eyes and see
The amazing things around you passing by freely, you got to
Make a new decision take a new chance
When nature´s full of magic and invites you for a dance

Then you become a free soul

So hello new day, here I am
Show me what your made of, I'll do the best I can
I have come to great you on this perfect day
Let´s make this the greatest, in every kind of way