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  1. Mother earth

Music/Lyrics: Johan Otterdahl


've seen the sun rise high in asia
I've seen the sun go down in spain
Walked through forests, deserts , rice fields
Seen the lightning felt the rain

I swam in lakes, rivers oceans
Danced in snow grass and sand
Heard how the autumn winds were blowing
As they moved across the land
The beauty of this world * 3 is in your eyes

I've eaten food from natures garden,
Seen your rainbow in the sky
Drank the water from your mountains
I Smoke those herbs and I got high……

I have traveled across your continents
Climbed vulcanos walked on ice
Surfed mother ocean holy water
Right now I'm in paradise

The beauty of this world

I found my love on a sunny island
I’ve been lost in Amsterdam
All Those Cobbled streets they got me thinking
This world made me who I am

The beauty of this world