Music/lyrics: Johan Otterdahl


I might be confused inside, a space head on a rocket ride
Probably the one who crashes first
I can't get off, as life is on on rock n roll until I'm gone
A one way trip to where I want to go

At least I´m not stuck in a wheel in a world where fake is real
Where nothing changes and everyday is the same
The ones you trust are on TV, they lie so good you think you’re free
Just like music played on radio oh oh

Dreams are free, so free your dreams

Don´t be afraid to have a change open your eyes and inhale the strange
It´s free of charge to change your closed up mind
Do what you love do it some more, Live like you never lived before
This is your life this is your ride….

Why should you care what others say, the world is messed up anyway
We're going down so why not go in style
When it's time to leave this place we'll know, what direction we will go
I might go down but at least I'm aiming high

Dreams are free so free your dreams